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It’s so important to be friends with the food you do choose to eat! We are vibrational beings, what we think and feel affects our physical bodies. When you reach for a snack, if guilt arises don’t eat it! Step back, think about what will make you feel a positive emotion, and move forward with that, whether that includes the snack you were originally going for or not, the MOST important thing is that everything you do has good intention and positive emotional guidance behind it 🙂 #FOODforthought



Some of us a genetically predisposed to a large bum 😉 I embrace mine with pride and use these exercises and tips to keep round, smooth and toned!

Moves i live by: Squats, Lunges, Burpees, Etc. Tone those buns for the sun! 😉1474524_723727164327212_1805466243_n


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My every-morning-ritual

Bullet Proof Coffee

bullet coffee or find the recipe on youtube.

Basically itʻs just organic brewed coffee, 1 tbs unsalted grass fed butter or ghee, 1 tbs 100% MCT oil, blend it all together until it foams like a latte.

I get my butter from Whole Foods or Down to Earth (most irish butter is grass fed) and the MCT oil you can get online (i get mine on or sometimes in health food stores (has to be 100% MCT though).

Health Benefits: weight loss, sustained energy with no crash like regular coffee, get in your Omegas (without risk of mercury poisoning)


The Squat Challenge

One of my favorite ways to tone the legs and booty! There are many you can find out there, but my fav was the 31 day challenge from Grab some friends and finish it together! Helps to keep you motivated when you make it a team effort!

squat photo

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