Long Beach, CA : Number Nine

On my way to AZ  for a show, I stopped in Long Beach to visit my little sister Sinclaire. We were both on a healthy vibe, so we opted for Asian food. We ended up at Number Nine located at 2118 E 4th St, Long Beach, CA 90814

We had the vegetarian Pho. So delicious and fresh!



Greens & Vines : Vegan Food Restaurant, Honolulu

Located at  909 Kapiolani Blvd. Unit B Honolulu, HI 96814, Greens and Vines is so delicious! They have a small parking garage behind the restaurant, but i’ve never had trouble finding a stall. Last night was my 3rd time eating here and they never disappoint!

Delicious bottomless unsweetened house-made lemon grass and mint tea is a must!

Then we had he chips & dips to share which are amazing. And the Lasagna is a favorite; so many colors and flavors with a refreshing light green salad on the side and a little extra marinara on the plate.


We also had the pad thai which is now my new fav! I love thai food in general but this crisp fresh vegan version was so delish!


Then the Pesto Pasta, noodles made from veggies, so rich, garlicy and delightful, topped with fresh local tomatoes!


And last but not least, I’m currently off cane sugar for 30 days, so this banana pineapple ‘cheesecake’ was perfect being that the only sweeter was naturally accuring in the fruits, with a date and macadamia crust!


You gotta try this place. Even if you aren’t a vegan, its a delicious twist on some popular dishes!

Coffee spots: The Curb


A friend from Maui was in town (Honolulu) and she introduced me too this cute little place in Kaimuki, called THE CURB! Super tiny little coffee shop, alternative milks available i.e. almond, soy. There’s a small bar with about 5 stools and 2 tiny tables outside. This place is just coffee and you’ll see why once you try it! Delish!

So good, I bought some of the espresso beans they sell to take home and try on my new Gaggia machine!

IMG_1707 IMG_1708IMG_1733 IMG_1734

Cucina Enoteca in Del Mar, CA

IMG_1970          While on my last trip to cali i visited a restaurant called Cucina Enoteca with my Onoyum.com boss Nino and my lil sis Lyndsi where we were treated by Chef Andrew to some delightful treats that were all melt in your mouth delicious! Go visit this place if you are ever in the are. The ambience, delicious food and drinks, and avant-garde decor will make it a memorable experience.

IMG_1965 IMG_1968 IMG_1969 IMG_1967 IMG_1966

More..Koko Head Cafe (my ultimate fav!)

Recently revisited my fav spot for brunch, Koko Head Cafe, and got to try some new delights…

Hash brown: super crispy and garnished for days with some delicious sauce that i can’t even describe



Matcha Panna Cotta: creamy delicious delight for a matcha lover like me. topped with some diced mango 🙂


Fishy and Eggs skillet: delicious miso fish with KHC’s perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs, yummy greens, and of course atop the delicious bed of crispy ocean rice


San Diego (Downtown area): Cafe Chloe

On my last visit to San Diego, I stayed in the downtown area at the Marriott (nice hotel) and convenient location. Right next to the mall. Anywho, met a friend for breaky one morning and we stumbled on this little French Cafe on the corner called Cafe Chloe and it was very authentic, great french food, coffee and great service as well(not so authentically french lol). I had the daily quiche and it was fluffy, buttery and baked to perfection!


San Diego(Del Mar) : Searsucker

This place has great food, great service, great atmosphere/ambience and great drinks. A must visit if you are ever in the Del Mar area in SoCal. I love performing brunch and dinner acoustic shows here and they always take care of my crew and I with exquisite drinks and food! Below is a dinner samples….Mahi with a blue cheese sauce, different twist on a usual mahi dish but so rich and delish!


Las Vegas: Thai Food::

I’m a huge lover of Thai Food! Have it almost everywhere i travel if at all possible. This little spot my sis and I found was delish and great lunch special options as many Thai places have. I love a good red or panang curry. (THAI TIP: if a thai place puts peas in their curries probably not a very tasty place.)