Cafe Gratitude on Larchmont

Looove this Vegan restaurant! It’s a must for me every time I’m in LA. Parking is close to impossible… but the menu and vibe is always winning. My sis recently tried delivery and said it was NOT the same quality FYI; dine in!

I almost always get the same thing, Warm-Hearted (a polenta and kale dish) and the Irresistible (Coconut cream pie)

Today we shared an app as well, the Abundant (cauliflower samosas) Sooo yummy! With chutney, a mint sauce and a spicy sauce in a shallow bed of curry garbanzo beans. And I love the tasty crust. Reminds me of Trini Roti!

cafe garttitude

Buzz’s Kailua, Oahu HI

Lunching with family visiting in town, I decided to try something different at a lunch place I basically grew up in, Buzz’s Kailua directly across from Kailua Beach.

The Scampi Spinach Salad. Huge Prawns on this delicious salad. Capers are a bit too much salt with the already seasoned Prawns. I tried it again recently and asked for no capers, dressing on the side and easy on the seasoning on the Prawns and then it was perfect. Delicious salad, but just a bit too salty the first time.

buzz's scampi salad

The new spot Hale Ohuna in Honolulu

This is a new restaurant opened by chef Leanne Wong of Koko Head Cafe. It’s a wine and whiskey bar and ‘asian influence’ restaurant. (I heard the word ‘fusion’ is no longer politically correct in the food world). It’s literally on the Waialae Ave street side opposite Koko Head Cafe. So Yummy! The decor is very modern chic with her little spice on it. Love! I tried the whole fried snapper special and the cold noodle salad. One of the best salads I’ve ever eaten! So many flavors and textures on one plate! A must try! We also had the sake sampler! Sake is my favorite alcohol. So nice to try the different types they carry in the cute wooden sample plate. We will definitely be going back to try the rest of the menu 😉

hale ohuna hale ohuna soba salad

Ethiopian Food in LA

Merkato is my fav Ethiopian restaurant on Fairfax in Los Angeles. Traditional style, my fav is the fish/veggie plate. You get a whole lightly fried trout and a plate of mixed Ethiopian style veggies and lentils. Big portion but i usually finish the whole plate myself lol 🙂


Kenya 2015

I recently came back from my 4th trip to Kenya! The food there is sups delish! I had 2 weddings to attend on the coast in the city of Diani. It’s so beautiful there. It reminds me of the Caribbean, just much larger 🙂 Below is a photo of one of my plates from one of the weddings. There is a lot of Arab influence in the coastal food of Kenya. Yum! I’ve gone back to pescetarianism after watching a documentary called FOOD INC. (watch it!) So this plate includes no meat, just fish and veggies, chapatis(like roti) and kachumbari (like kenyan pico de gallo)

kenyan food

Aloha Kitchen

Visited Aloha Kitchen in Waikiki this morning with my ohana. They’re known for their soufflé style pancakes and friendly service. Delicious and fluffy! My Eggs were cooked in butter instead of oil! So much more delicious and less greasy than other places.

Lunch menu looks great too, I’ll have to go back another day to try the lunch!FullSizeRender_2 FullSizeRender

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

In Kahuku, is the original Shrimp truck from the Kahuku shrimp farms! GARLIC & BUTTER for days! So rich and delicious! It’s become pretty popular so be ready to wait and prices have gone up with its popularity ($11/plate) But so worth it! There is also a 2nd location across the street from “McDeatholds” in Haleiwa.


Haleiwa Joe’s

One of my all time favs, Haleiwa Joe’s (original location) on the north shore of Oahu, has such yummy pupus! We got got the Ceviche, Calamari and Ahi Spring Rolls. They serve the Calamari and the Spring Rolls with a Sweet Chili dipping sauce and garnish with lemongrass for a fresh and spicy combo.

The Kaneohe location has an epic ambience above a tropical garden with an epic backdrop view of the Koolau mountains. Great place to take visitors to Hawaii.



On June 13, 2015 we went on our first tour in Tahiti! And the food was so fresh and delicious! Lots of fish and coconut (fruit & milk) based foods. ‘Ota Ika aka Poisson Cru is a dish you can get everywhere. It seems to be a staple there. We tried many varieties, all of which are delicious! Lots of ahi  and mahi mahi dishes, similar to Hawaii. Vanilla is also a prevalent flavor in Tahiti, added to may dishes savory and sweet.

IMG_2189 IMG_2193 IMG_2194 IMG_2195