Hale Ohuna Christmas Dinner 2015

I went to Hale Ohuna in Kaimuki on Oahu the other night with a few of my girls for our annual Christmas gift exchange dinner. Menu had changed a bit from last time I was there. The Okinawan Potato Skin Dynamite is no longer on the menu 😦 I was pretty devs about that. But the drinks and food menu is still pretty amazing!

I tried a purple sweet potato cocktail. It was tasty, but I could barely taste the liquor. More like an app then a drink lol 😉

Liz had the Lamb Burger…She said it was “good”. It came with some what seemed to be house made taro chips which were extra thin crispy and divine!


Mel had the Akula fish special. She said it was super “ono”. It came with a chimichurri sauce (pesto-like cilantro based sauce) and she loooved it!

IMG_3743 IMG_3742

Rach had a Shinsato pork bone based Ramen and she said it was “divine”! She’s not a big fan of noodles all the time. She feels its a bit of a space filler, but she said these noodles had such a fresh texture and were worth filling up on. Leanne is known for her noodle dishes and I see why!


I had the Gnudi special (like a more dense wheat based gnocchi) and the Cold Noodle Special. Both were so delicious! The noodles came in this epic sauce that I could have eaten as a soup.

IMG_3739 IMG_3740

Overall, Leanne hardly misses….I would try any restaurant that Leanne is a part of. Such unique cuisine with (my favorite) asian style twists!


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