Chai’s Honolulu

I finally went to Chai’s famous restaurant last night with the Manaola crew for a surprise birthday dinner for Calvin (my drummer). Service was exceptional, ambience was elegant, spacing is a little tight, but the food and champagne were delicious (mostly)!

There was only one dish that I would NOT recommend…so anytime I see ‘truffle’ on a menu I order whatever that dish is. So they have a mushroom and truffle risotto cake on their apps menu…. it was way to salty and deep fried and I could not taste any truffle and there was barely any mushroom 😦


The rest of the food was delicious! They had set menu 5 course meal for $50 and it was excellent. I chose the Miso Chilean Seabass for my main! So good! They also have a happy hour 9pm to closing. Overall I definitely recommend this restaurant. Especially if you’re a fan of Roy’s, which I am. 🙂

IMG_0252 IMG_0256

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