Cafe Maharani (Indian Food) (Oahu)

2509 S King St, Honolulu, HI 96826
(808) 951-7447

So I decided to try the only indian food restaurant on Oahu that has a good rep…mind you,  after Living in London and traveling to NY and Kenya a lot, Iʻve experienced  some excellent Indian Food… the atmosphere was authentic and excellent! Bollywood playing on the Tv! Tight and cozy restaurant though. Not conducive for parties over 6. and its BYOB!

We had the Mixed rice, Chicken masala curry, Samosas, Garlic Naan and Red lentil Dahl finished off by a hot Masala Chai tea.

The Curry was different in flavor than any Iʻve tried before. Not too spicy. Nice creamy texture. Not a lot of flavor though.

Naan was Excellent! Buttery and fluffy!

Dahl was ok. Iʻve definitely had better. Not a lot of flavor.

Mixed rice was delicious but a huge portion. There were 2 of us. It could have fed 4 easily.

Samosas were large in size and delicious!

Tea was creamy, delicious and strong! Great way to finish a rich meal but caffeine had me buzzing for a few hours afterwards 😉

photo 2photo 1


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