Agu Bistro (ʻBESTʻ Ramen in the world)(Hawaii)

Addy: 925 Isenberg Street, Honoulu

Ok, So i am OBSESSED with Ramen! Tan Tan was my favorite (Goma Tei has the best Tan Tan in Hawaii), But when someone told me this place was better than Goma Tei I had to try it! And WOW, best Gyoza, Best Batu Curry (sooo much flavor, with delectably tender little pork pieces), And my fav Ramen on their menu:

AGU’S SAVORY KOTTERI PARMESAN TONKOTSU our rendition of kotteri tonkotsu..a creamy, velvety, full of flavored broth that is made from the finest ingredients. Served along side is a generous amount of freshly grated parmesan cheese to be topped over for an added twist of flavor (I order it with level 2 spicy)


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